CBC Element Short track Speed skating Boot

CBC Element Short track Speed skating Boot

Brand: CBC
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The ELEMENT Short Track model is available in both standard and wide width. Our wide boot is approximately 5 mm wider than the standard.

Element Wide boots are stocked in sizes 32-45. Enter the sport of short track ice speed skating with the most comprehensive beginner boot available on the skating market today. The ELEMENT is built on the same CBC World's Best Fitting Last as the GENESIS and is constructed of lightweight and durable materials. At the heart of the dual composite support counter is our innovative Thermo-CSC, a heat activated molding medium. The ELEMENT wraps around the client's foot to assure optional support, comfort and trust. This boot is beautiful - if we do say so ourselves! - with functional patterns and increased strapping ability. Start your short track career off with this affordable, innovative boot and you will be well on your way to the top.

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