Skate-tec Triple Weld + EVO TTT Klapp

Skate-tec Triple Weld + EVO TTT Klapp

Brand: Skate-tec
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Long track boot Skate-tec ST X Boot+EVO TTT Klapp

- Thermo-fitting

- Lightweight carbon-fiber cup

- Solf thermofoam ankle pockets

- Universal and competitive fit

- Integrated PU/ Lycra lace cover

- Calf leather inners

Evo TTT Klapp made of high-quality aluminum of the 7000 series 12C27 steel has excellent edge quality and sharpness

Precision milled aluminum bridges of the 7000 series Easily adjustable spring tension.

Rear cone damping system Size: 15.0 inches to 18.0 inches

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