ATOM BOOM MAGIC 110mm FIRM, XFirm, XXFirm 1pcs

ATOM BOOM MAGIC 110mm FIRM, XFirm, XXFirm 1pcs

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Produce in  hardness Firm, Xfirm, XXFirm.

* MPC, proprietary race formula

* TPU core technology

* Patent Turbine core technology

* "Super Ball" MPC's proprietary inner band technology. (highest rebound urethane in the world)

* Radius spine, optimizing urethane band position

The first banded inline wheel with a full interlock system and encapsulated band. This means the outer tire formula fully encompasses the inner band. Tire formula flows through the interlock encapsulating the band, establishing higher rebound/energy, better control in the turns, improves wear due to the enhanced structure making it perform excellent on both track and road.

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The key word is encompassed: meaning the urethane band is completely surrounded by another layer of urethane. The

common name for this is dual durometer, which has been in use for years.

Atom brought to market in 2013 the first urethane band to be fully encompassed, Atom BOOM was born. This unique technology provides better structure throughout the wheel due to the interlock design.

Like single urethane wheels Atom's Encompassing design allows the outer urethane (tire) to flow through holes "interlocking" the urethane, essentially making the tire, band and core one cohesive part.

Atom's encompassed design gives better control over the flex of the tire/band combination and better control over core flex. These performance reducing variables which other dual banded wheels encounter are significantly reduced with Atom's new core design.

Encompassed technology significantly increases longevity, while providing substantial pop, snap and rebound for ultimate speeds.

The encompassed technology is covered under MPC patents 6,036,278 & 6,227,622B1

Traditional dual durometer wheels rest their bands on the spine of the core, no interlock nor is their urethane poured under the band resulting in reduced longevity of the wheel, as well the tire has more movement under the strenuous demands of inline racing. This causes additional friction, loss of energy and ultimately sacrificing performance.

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