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  • Marián Miškovič
  • Which hardness of Boom Magic wheels is right for you? Firm, XFirm, XXFirm ????

Atom Boom Magic wheels 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, 125mm are considered worlwide an one of the best wheels in the world that provide excellent ROLL, GRIP and DURABILITY.

Even their use in dry-wet ranks them at the top of the rankings.

But many skaters ask themselves which wheels hardness to choose???                                                                                       


The choice of the appropiate ATOM Boom Magic wheel hardness depends on the following factors:

-          Skater´s weight

-          Smooth or rougher asphalt

-          I want a better grip „for example when skating on track in a curve“

-          Asphalt hot from the sun

-          Skating in WET

FIRM hardness:

-          Use mainly for small children or light skatesr who need a very good grip. Example Children at Alpine Inline.

XFIRM hardness:

-          Very good grip on rougher asphalt

-          Suitable for lighter skaters up to 70kg

-          Excellent properties on wet surface

-          Excellent grip for 200m track or Inline Alpine

XXFIRM hardness:

-          Excellent ROLL on smooth asphalt

-          Suitable for heavier skaters over 70kg

-          Excellent properties on wet road „wheels must be in good condition“

-          If asphalt is hot from the sun, the XXFirm hardness may slip lit a bit on asphalt.

XFirm and XXFirm hardnesses are the most commonly used and i believe that these tips will make it easier for you to choose.

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