ATOM BOOM Magic 90mm XXFirm 1pcs

ATOM BOOM Magic 90mm XXFirm 1pcs

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Wheels will be available in stock again apprx. 15.03.2023

Atom Boom made by MPC, is rapidly becoming recognized as the number one Road wheel in the world. It's a well-known fact MPC has the best inline-racing urethane in the world. MPC has dominated track world championship for several years. Despite their track success, the same core-tire combination is not as prevalent in road racing... until now! With Atom's new core design combined with MPC's inner band and tire formulas, racers and race enthusiasts alike are going to appreciate this new era of road racing.


* MPC, proprietary race formula

* TPU core technology

* Patent Turbine core technology

* "Super Ball" MPC's proprietary inner band technology. (highest rebound urethane in the world)

* Radius spine, optimizing urethane band position

available in hardness Xfirm or XXfirm

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