JUNK Road Reaper 110mm XFirm, XXFirm

JUNK Road Reaper 110mm XFirm, XXFirm

Brand: MPC
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Road Reaper was created in pursuit of ultimate speed. This wheel is the fastest on earth, winning the 100 Meters in Senior and Junior men at 2019 World Championships at the hands of Daniel Greig (Australia), in Senior men

and Sabien Tinson (USA) in junior. Road Reaper also holds the 100m world record set by Ioseba Fernandez in July 2018, at the Inline Speed Skating World Championships in The Netherlands.

Skater Junk Road Reaper is a favorite among sprinters as well as the world’s top ultra long distance skaters, making this the most versatile wheel in the world. This is the wheel that Ioseba Fernandez chose en route to the

fastest race on record. It was also chosen by Ken Kuwada on his way to winning the Triple Crown in the USA for the first time in history. The Triple crown includes winning the top 3 races in America:

The North shore Inline Marathon in Duluth, MN. Where he broke the 20-year-old marathon record set by Chad Hedrick.

The New York 100K.

Athens 2 Atlanta, the longest ultra marathon skate race on earth, an 87 Mile (140 Kilometer) race along the rolling hills of Georgia.

Specs Size Options: 110mm

Hardness: X-FIRM (84 to 86A)

Hub: Fluo Red Junk, T70mm diameter

Urethane Color: Natural Magic Urethane. MTech®: Black Inner Ring 63A

Uses: Track, Road, Marathon, Ultra Marathon. 

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