Luigino PILOT Fighter-7050

Luigino PILOT Fighter-7050

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Brand: Luigino
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Introducing The Pilot Fighter 7050...

Our Fastest Frame Ever.

The Fighter Pilot is made of the same exotic alloys 7050-T7 used in demanding end-use applications such as aerospace parts, heavy equipment linkage, oil and gas equipment components.


7050 is the absolute best available alloy for strength vs weight ratios. 7050 provides superior energy return, the more you force into it the more you get back, similar to club head speed when impacting a golf ball.


Exotic Alloy 7050 vs 6000


Fracture Toughness: 31.9 ksi-in1/2 vs 26.4 ksi-in1/2

Ultimate Tensile Strength: 76,000 psi vs 45,000 psi

Tensile Yield Strength: 68,000 psi vs 40,000 psi

Hardness, Brinell: 140 vs 95


Fighter 7050 Frame Sizes:

• 12.0 | 4x100 165/195 mount

• 12.9 | 3x110x100 195 mount

* 13.2 | 4x110 195 mount


13.2 4x110 SPECS:

deck height rear= 60mm / deck height front= 49mm


12.0 4x100 SPECS:

deck height rear= 61mm / deck height front= 50mm

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