Wicked Spacer KIT box

Wicked Spacer KIT box

Brand: Luigino
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The "one-for-all box" for all tuning freaks and skate tinkerers. Who doesn't know the problem?! The new wheels have to be put on the skates and clamp immediately after installation. This well-known problem can only be solved with a different spacer length. But how do you know which spacer fits? And where do you get the right spacer?

This problem is now solved! Wicked offers the Precision Spacer Box, which contains 8 spacers in different lengths. This covers a range from 9.90mm to 10.35mm.

Wheels with aluminum rims can also be equipped accordingly. For easy handling, the spacers can not only be differentiated by color, the length can also be read. We say "thank you" to Wicked for this magic kit!

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