Luigino P51 Gunmetal Featherweight 4x110mm

Luigino P51 Gunmetal Featherweight 4x110mm

Brand: Luigino
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Frame 3x125mm - New for the 2017 season !!!

Available in length 12.8 Light as a feather - this is what this frame captures. Currently the lightest ALU frame on the market!

Designed by EO. Weight = 177g

Great attention has been paid to every detail of the PILOT P-51 frame. After working with engineers and testing the Atomskates / EO World team several times and eliminating any shortcomings, we brought the frame to perfection. The frame retained the arched clam shape like its predecessors, ensuring maximum strength and flexibility. Included in the package: frames, screws for attaching wheels 6pcs, spacer kit 6pcs, mounting screws for attaching shoes 4pcs, assembly key

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