Twin ROCKER Machine  3.0 ST

Twin ROCKER Machine 3.0 ST

Brand: Skate-tec
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In order to achieve the best performances, skaters need to rely on their equipment - and nothing is more important than perfectly rockered blades. With the new TWIN Rocker Machine 3.0 it’s easier than ever to keep and maintain your blades in top condition.

Packing contains Templates for Short track ST9 and ST10.

The TWIN Rocker Machine 3.0 is the most compact and accurate radius sharpening machine available on the market. Easy to transport and lightweight, it has a super-stable set-up.  Without the radiusing machine part, the TWIN sharpening table on it’s own offers the perfect jig for sharpening, polishing and deburring with both blades in one set-up for perfect symmetry. The blades can be rockered to any radius desired thanks to the large variety of templates that the TWIN has to offer. If your desired radius template is not available, don’t worry, we can create custom templates specialised for the TWIN to order - just send us your numbers.

Worldcup teams around the world are relying on the TWIN Rocker Machine 3.0 for both Shorttrack and Longtrack speedskating


The LT version of the TWIN Rocker Machine has been designed and manufactured especially for long track speed skaters. The TWIN-LT sharpening table provides a perfectly perpendicular clamping position of the blade, along the whole length. For skates with “bent” blades, have a look at the TWIN-ST, for shorttrack.

When the sharpening table is used together with the TWIN radius sharpening machine and the templates with desired radius-profile, sharpening, polishing and deburring will be very easy. After the templates have been clamped, the DREMEL® driven sharpening machine with diamond head can easily be positioned on the template guides. Thanks to the adjustment screw, the setting of the grinding height requires little effort. After this the TWIN will do the rest. Move the sharpening machine back and forth using little pressure, thus copying from the template to the blade. The TWIN uses a standard, easily available multitool for powering the cutting head (the DREMEL® is included in the delivery). It is easy to replace and relatively cheap.  The DREMEL® is suitable for mains voltage of 110~230V and 50/60Hz.

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