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Big wheels for big tours. The 8-inch wheels of the V9 TOUR 200 are immediately apparent and are part of a cross skate equipped with sophisticated technology. The built in multi-technology in combination with backstops make this sports equipment a true cross-country genius with which every elevation can be conquered. The multi-mechanism, which automatically guides the skate back to the foot from a certain angle, helps the rider to save a lot of energy. The brand new 200mm tyres provide considerable grip even in critical ground conditions, the cooling ribbed brakes are effective, easy to adjust and significantly reduce wear. And, although at first glance it may seem heavy, this skike is surprisingly light and easy to ride thanks to its lightweight materials and construction. The model offers classic as well as skating technique. All you need is your favorite shoes.

Frame : Aluminum

Wheels : 8 x 2 inch / 200 x 50mm

Tires : MGT Major Grip Tires pneumatic tires

Backstops : yes, in front wheels

Heel lift : yes, skike Multi Technology

Brakes : yes, with cooling fins

1 pair of v9 Tour 200 = 2 skike cross skates

1 tool for any screw on the device 1 user manual

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