PIPER TIME 90mm XFast, XXFast

PIPER TIME 90mm XFast, XXFast

Brand: PIPER
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TIME is of the essence. The market demands a wheel that can stand up to the test of TIME.

We have listened to our customers from around the world…TIME delivers an all-around performance for every type of racing. Time offers skaters of all levels one wheel that can get you to the finish line. Combined Insane-A-Thane, RX7 Helix racing hubs & Duo-Tech and it’s go time.

- Core: Helix Racing Hubs – Neal Piper’s first wheel designed from the ground up to support over-mold / band process (Duo-Tech). OD (outer diameter) with dome tech is smoother, faster, more stable and more responsive. The band design shape, size, overall volume is quicker than our previous core designs. The overall Helix design gives back more energy than all our previous cores combined. Different flex options, RX1 the softest / RX10 the stiffest, for indoor, road and track.

- Band: DUO-TECH: 2-n-1 – Duo-Tech has exhilarated an entirely new generation of Wheels. 2-N-1 (two wheels in one): Casted inside and out, higher-energy, more grip, more control Built from the inside out: Complete control over the inside, shape/design, size, overall volume, and materials. Like adjusting the amount of air in a pneumatic tire or ball Core, mantle, tire, fused as one. Cast one wheel, cast another, it’s more than just where the tire meets the road when it comes to inline racing.

- Formula: Insane-A-Thane

- Size: 90mm

- Hardness:  XFast | XXFast

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