PIPER G14 Pro Plus 110mm F1, F2

PIPER G14 Pro Plus 110mm F1, F2

Brand: PIPER
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G14 Series Hollow-Tech, Neal Piper’s first introduction to inline speed skating under his own company in 2003 (Aend Industries). Hollow-Tech became a staple in the global racing industry between 2003 and 2015. Piper is phasing out G14 to make way for Neals best innovation yet. A total overhaul, re-designed Hollow-Tech that is poised to set new standards for road and marathon racing.

-   Core: Double X Blade, hollow,

-   Formula: Traditional G13

-   Band: New band formula, more rebound, more roll.

-   Sold in: 8 packs

-   Size: 110 | 100

-  Hardness F1 | F2

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