ONE4 You 2-pcs POLE, FULL CARBON 145-170 CM

ONE4 You 2-pcs POLE, FULL CARBON 145-170 CM

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Brand: SKIKE
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one4YOU 2-piece adjustable pole is a high quality Nordic carbon pole that was specifically created corresponding to the challenges of Cross-Skating, skiking, Nordic Blading and Nordic Walking. A 100% carbon material provide the necessary stiffness and the 2-shaft system ensures a variable length. Fitted with multi-function straps, professional tips and rubber pads for use on paved grounds makes the one4YOU suitable for usage in different terrains. With its orange Color design - this carbon-pole is a perfect match to the skike cross skate variety.

- 100% Carbon premium light weight

- adjustable from 145 cm to 170 cm

- two-piece

- reflective elements

- 1 pair (2 sticks) complete poles

- consisting of upper and lower shaft

- grip with multi functional strap

- tips and pads

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