How to order.

Web page is modern online shop, which offers to customers easy, quick ordering. We would like you to advice how to make an order in our online shop. 

The registration is needed? 

NO, registration is not needed. You can make an order without registration.

If you want to registrate?

Click on the "My Account" link located at the bottom in the gray box. All data marked with an asterisk must be filled in the "New customer" box. After filling in all the mandatory data, press the "CONTINUE" button. If you have filled in everything correctly, you will have a user account created in our database with your name and login password. Whenever you want to shop in our store later, just log in. Then you no longer have to fill in your personal data every time you want to send your order. If you want to delete your user account, let us know and we will take care of it.

Personal data thus entered into our database can be changed or completely deleted at any time. Just select the link to change data on the "My Account" page. You can also unsubscribe at any time (unsubscribe link).

Probably the most important link is the history of your orders. Here you can view which orders you made in our store, or have the goods you ordered listed in detail. But what more. Here you also have an overview of what is happening with your order (has it been processed, unpaid, etc.).

You also have the option of entering an address other than yours in case you need us to deliver the goods to a different address than your company address. You can find all of this in the "Directory" section after clicking on the "My Account" page.

If you are already registered and want to log in to our shopping system, enter your email in the "Customer login" box, and enter the password you chose during registration in the next field.

If you forget your login password, our online store will send it to you by e-mail. Select the "forgot password" link on the login page. Here, enter your email address that you entered when creating your account. If our store finds this address in its database, it will send you all the necessary information along with a new password to our shopping system.

Selection by category - everything you need

Notice that above the Luigino name of our store is a list of categories or subcategories. Here you will always find what you need. Through the mentioned list, you can get to any part of our catalog quickly and without unnecessary clicking.

Whenever you click on a category or subcategory name, the store will immediately offer you an overview of the goods included in that category.

Cart and checkout

When you enter our electronic store, you have a kind of imaginary electronic shopping cart in your hand. Of course, you can put goods in it. All you have to do is press the add to cart button for the selected item. At that moment, this product is added to your electronic cart. You can view the entire basket by clicking on the shopping basket icon in the upper right part of the page.

Adding goods to the basket

Wherever there is a product name, you will also find the option to add this product to the basket. Just press the add to cart button. The goods are immediately placed in the basket and our electronic store informs you about this by adding the selected goods to the shopping basket in the upper part on the right side of each page.

If you wish to change the number of pieces of a given product, click on the SHOPPING CART link, a new page will open, where you enter a numerical expression in the "Number" field and press the "Update" button. You can continue shopping by adding additional items either by opening the shopping cart and pressing the "continue shopping" button or by simply surfing through the entire offer and selecting the next item. Individual items can be added or removed from the shopping cart at will.

If you wish to remove anything from the basket, check the "Remove" box

Cash desk

The checkout is connected to the shopping cart in our store, so you can go there again from the "Shopping cart" page when you click on the "Checkout" button.