Wheels are the heart of your skates. Quality wheels are characterized by a combination of 3 attributes: Excellent grip, roll, and low wear. It is not easy to combine all three into one product. 

Wheels that you can find at Luigino.sk are from world manufacturers Atomskates: models ATOM Matrix, Matrix Plus, Boom Magic, to MPC: models Black Magic, Storm Surge, Junk Wheels: models Road Reaper, Voodoo, Killer Junk.

The price of the wheels may seem higher compared to other brands, but the driving characteristics, driving pleasure and low wear have already convinced many why they return to these brands


Atom Matrix 84mm 86A 1pcs green, red, blue, pink

7.49€ 7.86€

Atom Matrix 90mm 86A 1pcs green, blue, red, pink

8.69€ 9.12€

JUNK Voodoo 90mm XXFirm


MPC Black MAGIC 90mm XFirm, XXFirm 1 pcs


MPC Storm Surge X Grip 90mm


Atom Matrix 100mm 86A 1pcs green, red, blue

9.65€ 10.13€

MPC Black MAGIC 100mm Firm, XFirm, XXFirm 1 pcs


MPC Storm Surge X Grip 100mm


Atom Matrix 110mm 86A 1pcs green, red, blue

10.82€ 11.37€

MPC Storm Surge X Grip 110mm


MPC Black Magic 110mm FIRM, XFirm, XXFirm 1pcs

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