ATOM produce these wheels models

  • ATOM ONE - wheels with good grip and roll, focused for fitness and training. Available in green and pink colour
  • ATOM Matrix - succesful wheels and continue they story 
  • ATOM Matrix PLUS = Boom BOAD.Banded wheels which use Boom technology. Read more....
  • ATOM BOOM Magic - The first banded inline wheel with a full interlock system and encapsulated band. This means the outer tire formula fully encompasses the inner band. Tire formula flows through the interlock encapsulating the band, establishing higher rebound/energy, better control in the turns, improves wear due to the enhanced structure making it perform excellent on both track and road.

Atom Matrix 80mm 86A 1ks blue


ATOM MATRIX 84MM 86A 1pcs blue


Atom Matrix 84mm 86A 1pcs green

6.60€ 6.95€

ATOM MATRIX 84MM 86A 1pcs pink


Atom Matrix 90mm 86A 1pcs red


Atom Matrix 90mm 86A 1pcs. pink


ATOM BOOM Magic 90mm XFirm, XXFirm 1pcs


Atom Matrix 100mm 86A 1pcs green


Atom Matrix PLUS 100mm 86A 1pcs

11.24€ 12.50€
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