Skates set

Luigino offers the possibility assemble skates set according customer wish. You can chooce any Luigino Boot, Frame Striker, Pilot, EO, wheels ONE, Matrix, Boom Road, Boom Magic, and bearings Bionic ABEC 7 or SWISS.

Price for SET skate is always better than buy it separately.

In case your requested skates set isn´t in the offer, please contact me by e-mail and we can specify the price offer together.

I´m inline skating racer too so I´m able to give you technical advice.

Luigino BOLT Striker set


Luigino Challenge PRO 125 pack

599.00€ 635.00€

Luigino Bolt PRO Pack

709.00€ 755.00€

Luigino BOLT carbon set


Lugino BOLT Carbon 3x125mm set


Luigino VICTORY 4x100mm

378.00€ 452.00€

Atom PRO 4x100mm complet

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