ATOM Sport Backpack

ATOM Sport Backpack

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Grab all your essentials to-go with the Atom Sport Backpack/Board Bag!

Take all you need while on the go; tissues, cell phone, towel, drinks, snacks, keys, tablet, guards, lip balm, hair elastics, etc.


- Media pocket with headphone access; sealed zipper & strong mesh bottle compartment

- Wide top opening for easy access and secure multi-storage compartment at the front for keys, money, phone, etc.

- Coated and sealed durable Nylon material with Atomskates logo; heavy duty zippers with fashionably colored trim & added back and shoulder straps for comfort

- Warning: You cannot store all types of skates in this backpack due to its size, it is mainly intended for storing basic things that you need to keep close to you. Luigino Challenge Kids or Luigino STRUT children's skates with a 4x90mm frame can also fit inside a backpack if necessary.

Measurements: 432mm tall x 305mm wide x 165mm deep

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