ZANDSTRA Easy Glider Assist

ZANDSTRA Easy Glider Assist

Brand: Zandstra
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The beginner’s skate.

Comfort The Easy Glider is the perfect skate for beginners. The modern closures allow the skate to be tied quickly and easily. The straps can be adjusted to personal preference. The heel binding has a soft protecting strap, and the back provides optimal comfort and safety during skating. The wide frame provides extra stability, which increases confidence and therefore the fun that ice skating brings!

Skate The runner is made of stainless spring steel, which means less sharpening is required. The steel is 1.7mm thick and has a radius of 35 metres, making it ideal for beginners.

The Easy Glider ensures that every beginner enjoys skating right away, guaranteeing their growing enthusiasm for the sport.

The Easy Glider comes in 4 size groups: - Small: 26-30 - Medium: 31-35 - Large: 36-39 - Extra large: 40-44 The choice of boot may influence the size group.

The Easy Glider Assist provides more stability by converting the Easy Glider into a ´triple blade’ skate, which will increase the beginner’s self-confidence. The Assist fits all Easy Glider sizes. Easy to remove and skate on one blade.

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